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"Boulevard of architects" was opened in the Southern District

On May,22 with the support of marketing communications company "PervayaReklamnaya" the first stone of the park "Boulevard of Architects" was established in Moscow. Boulevard will be located in the immediate vicinity of the House of Architecture Student (MArchI hostel) in the program "People's Park".
The event was attended by President of the Union of Moscow architectors Nikolay Shumakov, Deputy Head of the Moscow ZhKHiB Natalia Korablina, rector of Moscow Institute of Architecture Dmitry Shvidkovskii, president of the Russian Hockey Federation and State Duma deputy Vladislav Tretiak and president of the "Vostok-Development" company Sergey Ivantsov.
          The initiator of the construction was administration of the Moscow Architectural Institute, and the investor of the project was "Vostok- Development" group, headed by Sergei Nikolaevich Ivantsov. As he explained, "The construction of the park will begin in June –we will settle the territory from the intersection of Vavilov and Ordzhonikidze to the end of the park on the Ordzhonikidze street. There will be game complex and hardscape for children, playground, recreation area, planted shrubs, flowerbeds and lawns. Also, vacationers can get acquainted with the history of the Moscow architecture, biographies of famous architects in the park. It’s planned to extend the park to Gagarin Square next year. "
In the national park you can discover the history of Moscow's architecture and biographies of prominent architects.
           As it was noted by the rector of the Moscow Architectural Institute, Dmitry Shvidkovskii, a place to park was not chosen by chance - the hostel is located next to the institute, the former home to many well-known architects in their college years. Near, in Donskoy Driveway there is a monument of Constructivism - the house-commune, the restoration of which was attended by the administration of Moscow Institute of Architecture, and the "East Development" group built several administrative and residential buildingsin this quarter. By the way, the house, near which the event takes place, was designed by the Moscow Institute of Architecture teacher Nikolai Lyzlov.
           The opening ceremony organizers turned into a real holiday. On stage, the band "Chicago Jazz Band"played,children and adults fought in air hockey, also they could participate in various workshops and competitions. The guests of honor at the event were the deputy of the State Duma, the famous hockey player, President of the Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak, the State Duma deputy, Army General Nikolai Kovalev, President of the Union of Moscow architects Nikolay Shumakov. All the participants congratulated the first deputy prefect of the Southern Administrative District Lyudmila Kontsevaya, who noted that the program "People's Park" of transforming vacant lots and abandoned areas in the comfortable recreation areas is being continuouslyin this district. This year, the district will equip five more People's Parks.
         It is planned that on the boulevard will be monuments to the greatest architects of Moscow. As it was noted by the rector of the Moscow Architectural Institute, Dmitry Shvidkovskii, list of sculptures will pass through more public discussions at the Union of architects, city residents and the Commission on monumental art of the Moscow City Duma, but it is known that it will be the biggest names of Russian architecture, such as the Bazhenov, Kazakov, Nikolaev, Leonidov - many of which inspired the well-known architects of Europe. "This place is truly native to the Institute: nearly four generations of architects from different cities of Russia and many countries around the world began their careers here - in a student hostel " - he said.
            On the Boulevard of Architects, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the MArchI Hostel in Moscow, will have the greatest monuments of Russian architects, including Bazhenov,Kazakov, Nikolaev and Leonidov.
"Moscow citizens need to know names of those who designed their city" - Natalia Korablinasaid, Deputy Head of the ZhKHiB of Moscow City.

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